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Anti Ragging Committee

Constitution of anti-ragging committee and squads committee on curbing the menace of Ragging in the college.

As per the directions of JNTUH & UGC, the college has formed the following Anti-ragging committee and squad for menace of Ragging in the college with immediate effect:

Anti-Ragging Committee:
S.NoName of the Staff MemberDesignationDepartmentCell No.
 Prof.Dr.S.Udaya KumarPrincipal 9866308257
1Prof.K.Somasekhara RaoProf.& Dean-Student AffairsECE8125113937
2Dr.P.Ramamohana RaoProf. & Dean-AcademicsCE9440140613
3Dr.S.T.Raj MohanProf. & Dean-AdminME8978511212
4Dr.DSR MurthyProf. & Controller of ExamsCSE9000001670
5Dr.G.Neeraja RaniProf. &HODS&H9951752754
6Dr.T.Siva PrasadProf. & HODME9440822343
7Dr.S.Nagendar KumarProf. & HODCSE8500118379
8Dr.Vijaya GunturuProf. & HODECE9000836630
9Dr.Sudha RadhikaProf. & HODEEE8185919582
10M.VenkateswarluPhysical DirectorS&H9010236029
11Surender GoudC.I.Keesara-9490617139
12L.Ravi KumarS.I.Keesara-9491039110
13A.RamuluS.I. Keesara-8332981143

Complaints regarding ragging can be brought to the notice of the following faculty members, who will assist the above team in preventing ragging.

Anti-ragging Squad:
S.NoName of the Staff MemberDesignationDept.Place of DutyCell No.
1A.Shiva KumarAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2, Ground Floor9701541580
2K.NagarajuAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2, Ground Floor9848354063
3S.RajeshamAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2 -I Floor9505105205
4A.RameshAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2 - I Floor9966290224
5K.SudhakarAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2 - II Floor9704882298
6P.SreedharAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2 - II Floor9396387381
7G.SunilAsst.Prof.S&HBlock - 2 - III Floor9848752027
12SK Mohd AliAssoc.Prof.S&HCollege Bus stop(Block-2 Entrance)9885850103
13G.SrikanthAssoc.Prof.EEECollege Bus stop(Block-2 Entrance)9348008383
14N.ShanthinathAsst.Prof.EEECollege Bus stop(Block-2 Entrance)9885850103
15M.Krishna ChaitanyaAsst.Prof.ECECollege Bus stop(near canteen corner)9441802797
16A.HarekrishnaAssoc.Prof.CSECollege Bus stop(near canteen corner)9949162602
17D.Kishore BabuAsst.Prof.CECollege Bus stop(near canteen corner)8686024123
18D.VenkateswarluAssoc.Prof.CSECollege Bus stop(near Basket Ball court)7799880645
19M.SrinivasAssoc.Prof.CSECollege Bus stop(near Basket Ball court)7799880648
20K.UgendarAsst.Prof.S&HCollege Bus stop(Basket Ball court)9940270209
21K.SrinivasAsst.Prof.CSECollege Bus stop(near Main Gate)7799236048
22Y.SivaAsst.Prof.CSECollege Bus stop(near Main Gate)9866964152
23V.Shivanarayan ReddyAssoc.Prof.ITCollege Bus stop(near Main Gate)9848625028
24C.Y.RaoAsst.Prof.CSECheeryal Bus stop8500717237
25M.KrishnaAsst.Prof.ECECheeryal Bus stop8184954663
26B.Ramesh BabuAsst.Prof.EEECheeryal Bus Stop9966543464
27Ch.VikasAsst.Prof.CSECheeryal Bus stop9951441919
28N.Nagi ReddyAsst.Prof.S&HCheeryal Bus stop9949212319
29K.RajuAsst.Prof.MEMechanical Building9849478743
30P.Laxmi ReddyAsst.Prof.MEMechanical Building9700278304
31P.UpenderAsst.Prof.MBAMechanical Building8106475443

Bus Incharges:
S.NoName of the Staff MemberDesignationDept.Bus No.Cell No.
1V.RajasekharAsst.Prof.MEBus No.-19885280833
2U.Appal raju Assoc.Prof.ECEBus No.-19852181790
3R.SudarshanAssoc.Prof.MEBus No.-1984922047
4Md Touseef SumerAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 29866357241
5L.TirupathiAsst.Prof.PharmacyBus No.- 29618161692
6D.Jaya PrakashAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 29705658334
7SV GangadharamProfessorMEBus No.- 39247839267
8Y BalamanikantaAsst.Prof.MBABus No.- 39441856500
9ARL PadmajaAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 39394787585
10M.ViswashanthiAsst.Prof.CSEBus No - 48885360207
11P.SupriyaAsst.Prof.CEBus No - 48801211727
12B.Subba RaoAssoc.Prof.MEBus No.- 58125299169
13N.ShanthinathAsst.Prof.EEEBus No.- 59885941942
14L.RajaraoLab Asst.MEBus No.- 59394524364
15G.SrikanthAssoc.Prof.EEEBus No.- 69348008383
16T.Prasad RaoLab Asst.MEBus No.- 69490388428
17Dr.Swagatha RayAssoc.Prof.S&HBus No.- 67093928002
18S. JyothirmayeeAssoc.Prof.ECEBus No.- 79966812220
19Prasada PreethiAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 79959833844
20P.Srikanth ReddyAsst.Prof.CEBus No.- 79885554540
21M.RajuAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 89908351782
22V Shivanarayana ReddyAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 89848625028
23R.SravaniAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 88019165955
24P.Deep LaxmiAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 99985414339
25Ch.Vara PrasadJr.AccountantAdminBus No.- 99666733310
26Y.Swathi TejahAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 99603447536
27M.LaxmiAssoc.Prof.ECEBus No.- 109392422999
28D.Dhana LakshmiAdmin. Asst.Admin.Bus No.- 109052777763
29M.SantoshiAsst.Prof.B.PharmacyBus No.- 107702459659
30Y.Sravan KumarStores Asst.P&SBus No.- 119885615824
31G.MaheshAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 119581774874
32Y.Siva Rama KrishnaAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 119542024220
33Dr.J.ShankarProfessorS&HBus No.- 129133881530
34K.SwarupaAsst.Prof. S&HBus No.- 129490351137
35D.Rathna KumarLab Asst.ECEBus No.- 129177758486
36Dr.K. SrinivasProfessorCSEBus No.- 139866546163
37K.Vijaya BhaskerAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 139866132030
38Dr.B.MamathaAssoc.Prof.S&HBus No.- 138978196162
39B.V.Sravan KumarAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 149550026848
40Mulla Gouse BashaAsst.Prof.EEEBus No.- 149618029700
41P.Uma DeviAsst.Prof.B.PharmacyBus No.- 149912006996
42D.ShamiliAsst.ProfMBABus No.- 157337415175
43S.RajuLab Asst.MEBus No.- 158978034208
44V.ManjulaAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 158978279948
45K.Niranjan KumarAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 169490440340
46S.Srinivasa RaoAdmin Asst.LibraryBus No.- 169391703712
47M.SowjanyaAssoc.Prof.ECEBus No.- 169160177007
48D.RadhikaAssoc.Prof.EEEBus No.- 178125508440
49K. ShashikalaAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 179908248973
50K.SreedharAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 178978530127
51Dr.K.V.Ranga RaoProfessorCSEBus No.- 189885144478
52G.LokeshwariAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 189490943751
53Esther VermaAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 197702234519
54VS Padma PriyaAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 199440150796
55V.PadmajaSr.Admn.Asst.AdminBus No.- 209490216768
56A.ChandrakalaAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 209550460205
57A.LalithaAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 207799874563
58D. Venkata Rami ReddyAssoc.Prof. ECEBus No.- 219866338091
59G Srinivas RaoLab Asst.EEEBus No.- 218019788736
60B.SuneethaAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 219032796076
61P SreelathaAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 229493018190
62K. VenkateshAsst.Prof.MEBus No.- 229951053538
63Ch.SandhyaProgrammerCSEBus No.- 229908281679
64A.SrilakshmiAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 239912188764
65V.ManjulaAsst. Prof.S&HBus No.- 238978279948
66Dr.SK Nuslin BibiAssoc.Prof.S&HBus No.- 239949997934
67Y.SivaAsst.ProfCSEBus No.- 249866964152
68D.SonyAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 249700583344
69M.KavithaAsst.Prof.CEBus No.- 249704070583
70Ch.SandeepAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 258978042911
71J BharathiAsst. Prof ECEBus No.- 259392307110
72Y.VanisreeAdmin Asst.MEBus No.- 259885023129
73N.ChandrakanthProfessorCSEBus No.- 269885723157
74V.SandeepaAsst. Prof MEBus No.- 268297028822
75Ch.NeerajaSr.Admin. Asst.AdminBus No.- 279533914425
76M.VenkateswarluPDS&HBus No.- 279010236029
77A.RamadeviLab Asst.ECEBus No.- 279030783498
78S.Vasu KrishnaAssoc. ProfessorECEBus No.- 289392184252
79G.Nithin Kumar ReddyAsst.ProfCEBus No.- 289959610113
80B.PriyankaAsst.Prof.B.PharmacyBus No.- 288801163965
81D.VenkateswarluAssoc.Prof.CSEBus No.- 297799880645
82Abdul EusufAAOAdminBus No.- 299505419974
83V.GouthamAsst.Prof.CEBus No.- 299985566510
84K.MahendrachariLab Asst.MEBus No.- 309948158662
85M.AparnaAsst.Prof.B.PharmacyBus No.- 309989766719
86S.RaviAsst.Prof.MBABus No.- 309948988955
87K.DashrathLab Asst.CEBus No.- 319640391794
88B.Ramesh BabuAsst.Prof.EEEBus No.- 319966543464
89D.Kishore BabuAsst.Prof.CEBus No.- 318686021123
90Ch.Jeevan RajuLab Asst.EEEBus No.- 329989254287
91Dr.K.MadhumathiAssoc.Prof.S&HBus No.- 329849433056
92Sharmila DeshmukhAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 329246888603
93Madhuri Agarwal GupthaAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 339030049164
94K.PriyankaAsst.Prof.CEBus No.- 339985987198
95G.RameshSr.Admn.Asst.AdminBus No.- 349849554850
96P.UpenderAsst.Prof.MBABus No.- 348106475443
97V.JyothirmayeeAsst.Prof.B.PharmacyBus No.- 348978122603
98M.Krishna ChaitanyaAsst.ProfECEBus No.- 359441802797
99M.Harish KumarTransport InchargeAdminBus No.- 359666561562
100V.RakeshAsst.Prof.EEEBus No.- 359705285757
101R.OdaiahAssoc.Prof.ECEBus No.- 369908005296
102C.PavaniAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 369100544090
103M.Prashanth KumarAsst.Prof.EEEBus No.- 368143333526
104A.ShankerAssoc.Prof.ECEBus No.- 378985169362
105J.Bhargavi LakshmiAsst.Prof.S&HBus No.- 379985062696
106Lochan RampalAsst.Prof.CSEBus No.- 377989373947
107B.MamathaAsst.Prof.ECEBus No.- 389985471195
108B.Prasad RaoLab Asst.MEBus No.- 389490388428

Complaints regarding ragging can be brought to the notice of the any of the anti ragging committee members, who will take necessary action.
It is the responsibility of the anti ragging squad to monitor and ensure that no ragging incidents will happen in their respective areas. Bus incharges are responsible for ensuring no ragging incidents take place in the buses. All the 1st year students are to be seated in the front seats, then faculty are to be seated. Seniors are to be seated at the back.


Depending upon the nature and gravity of the offence as established by the Anti Ragging Committee of the college, the possible punishments for those found guilty of ragging at the college level shall be any one or a combination of the following:

1Teasing, Embarrassing and HumiliatingImprisonment up to 6 months or fine up to Rs.1000/- or both
2Assaulting or using Criminal force or Criminal IntimidationImprisonment up to 1 year or fine up to Rs.2000/- or both
3Wrong fully Restraining or Confining or Causing HurtsImprisonment up to 2 years or fine up to Rs.5000/- or both
4Causing Grievous Hurt, Kidnapping or Raping un-naturalImprisonment up to 5 years or fine up to Rs.10000/- or both
5Causing Death or Abetting SuicideImprisonment up to 10 years or fine up to Rs.50000/- or both

Note: A student involved in any of the above offences will be arrested and dismissed from the college and will not be admitted in any other college.

UGC Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.

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