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The name itself denotes that it is the foundation of all sciences and elementary understanding of how people think and behave.Educational arena is incomplete without this department.English,Engineering Physics,Engineering Chemistry,Mathematics & Environmental Sciences are the five major domains of this department.

Engineering curriculum essentially includes these subjects as they become the base from which all advanced sciences draw their strength.Unique feature of Geethanjali is highly dedicated faculty members with very strong academic background and experience.Faculty members with very strong academic background and experience are working here.Each faculty of this department works with great perseverance to achieve the goal and in contributing effectively to the student's overall development.

Science & Humanities department handles engineers,technologists in the making to become more enlightened intellectually and analytically.It is a cardinal rule that it is difficult to advance by ignoring science and humanities in the days of globalization.

It is mandatory on every student's part to realize the true potential of science & humanities and enrich him/her to acquire basic strength for a enviable future.

The department is headed by Prof.Dr.G.Neeraja Rani, having 20 years of experience in Teaching and Research. There are 7 Professors,10 Associate Professors,39 Assistant professors in the department.

Faculty Details

Sl. No.Name of the Staff MemberDesignation
1Dr. G Neeraja RaniProfessor & HOD
2Dr. A. S. Madhusudhan RaoProfessor
3Dr. J. AnjaiahProfessor
4Dr. J. ShankarProfessor
5Dr. B. MamathaAssociate Professor
6Dr. SK Mahammad AliAssociate Professor
7S. RajeshamAssistant Professor
8Ch. KalyaniAssistant Professor
9V. ManjulaAssistant Professor
10T. V. PrashanthiAssistant Professor
11A. Shiva KumarAssistant Professor
12K. UgendarAssistant Professor
1Dr. Vemula Suseela Triveni Professor
2Dr. Parcha KalyaniProfessor
3Dr. B Prabhakar ReddyAssociate Professor
4Dr. A. PadmaAssociate Professor
5Dr. K VenkateswarluAssociate Professor
6Dr. SK Nuslin BibiAssociate Professor
7N. Nagi Reddy Assistant Professor
8Subhadra NemaniAssistant Professor
9A. RameshAssistant Professor
10P SailajaAssistant Professor
11G.MaheshAssistant Professor
12K. NagarajuAssistant Professor
1Dr. A Uma DeviProfessor
2Dr. B. NagamaniAssociate Professor
3Dr. K. MadhumathiAssociateProfessor
4Dr. Swagata RayAssociateProfessor
5Dr. S. RajeswariAssociate Professor
6Dr. R. Sucharan ReddyAssociate Professor
7P. Mercy KavithaAssociateProfessor
8G. Karuna KumariAssociate Professor
9G. Latha SuhasiniAsst Professor
10Sharmila DeshmukhAssistant Professor
1Dr. R. SanjeevProfessor
2Dr. J. V. MadhuriAssociate Professor
5Vem Mamatha BethapudiAssistantProfessor
6M. RajuAssistant Professor
7J. Bhargavi LakshmiAssistant Professor
8K. SudhakarAssistant Professor
9M. MuraliAssistant Professor
10K. SwarupaAssistant Professor
OTHERS :Teaching
1M. P. MolimolAssistant Professor
2G. SunilAssistant Professor
3S. Lalitha Assistant Professor
Non Teaching
2G.VenkateshamLab Assistant
3P. ChaitanyaLab Assistant


1. ERNEST RUTHERFORD LAB (Engineering Chemistry Lab)
Engineering chemistry laboratory practices exclusively introduces concepts in a concise way and is of paramount importance. Describes the quantitative analysis and estimations of the compounds of general interest to the engineers. Techniques such as PH meter, potentionmeter, conductometer, calorimeter and estimation of hardness of water, experiments used in industry will be done. Includes with all subject relevant matter, equations and additional information.

2. SIR ISSAC NEWTON LAB (Engineering Physics Lab)
The physics lab is named after doctor Newton, sir Issac (1642 -1727), mathematician, physicist and one of the foremost scientific intellects of all time. SIR ISSAC NEWTON LAB provides the basic knowledge to all students who belong to different branches in engineering.

3. JANE AUSTEN LAB (English Language Communication Skills Lab):
It is said that face is the index of mind and eyes are the windows of soul. These are after all, time-tested words of wisdom and are applicable to the people of all the ages. ELCS lab equips students to have a cutting edge with regard to English which has become a lingua franca.

Engineering Chemistry Lab
English Language Communication Skills Lab


Compiling course files is a concept which had been there for many years in professional college. Geethanjali takes the concept of course file to a new level altogether.

Efforts have been made to prepare course files on every subject taught in all branches altogether. This huge stack of information is specially prepared by the respective faculty members with examinations in mind. A wide variety of questions are compiled catering to the comprehension of the weakest student to challenge the mind of the brightest student.

Not only are the efforts of Geethanjali towards compiling the best material but efforts of the same level are put into ensuring that the students access the information. Group ids are created for each class and the class representative receives this information which he/she passes it on to his/her classmates. All of them can access the information with the help of their username & password generated individually per student.

Along with important questions and answers generated unit wise there are nearly 50 multiple choice questions per unit which will aid the student in their online internal examinations. Not just this academic matter but our faculty also includes website addresses resourceful for their subjects, references and all possible lab viva questions.

The course files are updated every year and versions of it are released.


The laboratory manuals for each lab are generated with utmost care because at Geethanjali we understand the importance of applied knowledge. We realize that labs are real nests for acquiring knowledge and hence stringent measures are followed while designing them and scrutinized by the HODs before they reach the student. Along with the prescribed number of experiments, more number of experiments are added after consulting the industry requirements. The lab manuals help the student prepare their record and also come prepared for their lab sessions.


S.No. Topic Name of the speaker
1. How to inculcate moral values in students lives Swamy Sri Kantananda
Vevekanda Mutt,Hyderabad
2. How to be a good teacher Swami Yatheeshwarananda
3. Teachers as Pathfinders K.Suryanarayana
(Chief Trainer - TCS)
4. Science and Technology in Ancient India Dr. Revella Avadhanulu, Former Deputy Director, NIMS
5. Personality Devolepment Mr. Narotham Reddy, Soham Consultancy, Hyderabad.
6. Soft skills & Awareness on AIDS Ms. Urmi & Ms. Meera,
Styam Foundations, Hydeabad
7. Science, Technology & Society Dr. K. Nageswar,
Professor of Journalism, Osmania University
8. Sir JC Bose's Contributions in wireless Communications Dr. P. Laxminarayana, Senior Scientist, Research & Training Unit for Navigational Electronics, OU Hyderabad.
9. Mathematicians Mathematician Dr. L. Radha Krishna, 
Professor of Mathematics, IISc, Bangalore.
10. VLSI Design Techniques Mr. G. Prasad,
Scientist 'E'- NRSA, Hyderabad
11. How to inculcate moral values in students lives Swamy Sri Kantananda,
Vevekanda Mutt, Hyderabad


The staff of the Department is actively engaged in Research work. The staff is sponsored to participate in the Seminars, Conferences, Workshops and Short term training programmers organized by various colleges and Professional bodies to enable them to update their knowledge in the subject.


The Department follows the guidelines given by the Quality Control section time to time.

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